Hooper Bay Man Charged After Vehicle Theft and Burglary

Small Alaska village on a cloudy summer day, with waterfront and fishing boats in foreground

A suspect is facing four different charges after two separate incidents involving vehicle theft and burglary in Hooper Bay last week.

23-year-old Albert Simon, Jr., of Hooper Bay is the suspect in question after Alaska State Trooper (AST) investigations. According to a dispatch, AST initially responded to a report of a stolen Honda ATV last Friday morning (August 31) at 8am. The ATV had been “hot-wired” and taken. Simon was remanded to the Hooper Bay Public Safety Office with one charge at that time.

Later Friday afternoon at 12 noon, Troopers received a different report of a break-in at a Hooper Bay residence. AST reports Simon allegedly forced his way into the residence. One resident was in the home at the time but was not injured. More than $1,000 worth of damage was caused. Simon was again remanded to the Hooper Bay Public Safety Office, charged with criminal mischief, assault, and criminal trespass. Troopers say alcohol was a factor in the second incident.

An arraignment was scheduled for Simon on September 2 in the Hooper Bay Courtroom.

Image at top: Hooper Bay, Alaska. File photo: public domain, via Wikimedia Commons.