On Nome Council Docket: Staffing for Top City Jobs, Work Session on Public Inebriation

City of Nome Council Chambers. Photo: Margaret DeMaioribus; KNOM

The City of Nome looks to approve the employment of the new Chief of Police and to continue the employment of City Manager Tom Moran in tonight’s Nome City Council meeting.

There will also be a continued discussion on an ordinance retaining Lot 49, Block 57 for public use. Last meeting, councilmen were concerned whether or not the property was salvageable, but, if able to be used, the property could be turned into anything from a park to housing for city employees.

In addition to the hiring of city personnel, other new business includes an ordinance to increase the rate of tax on the sales of alcohol, marijuana, and tobacco.

A work session will precede the meeting at 6pm to discuss ways to combat public inebriation.

The regular City Council meeting will begin promptly at 7pm at Council Chambers in Nome City Hall.

Image at top: City of Nome Council Chambers. Photo: Margaret DeMaioribus, KNOM file.