Amid Staff Shortages, New Alaska Law Eases Path for Retired Teachers To Go Back to the Classroom

Pencil sharpener, pencil, and pencil shavings, on top of open, blank notebook

Some retired teachers may be teaching again to fill the gaps in permanent teaching staff in schools across Alaska. On Monday (Aug. 13), Governor Walker signed HB 185 into law. This bill allows school districts to re-hire previously retired teachers.

There are stipulations. Teachers over 62 may not be rehired unless they have been retired for at least 60 days, and for teachers under 62, that requirement is 6 months. Schools are not allowed to plan for re-hire as a teacher goes into retirement, nor are they allowed to hire directly from their pool of retirees. The vacant teacher position must be advertised for 10 days, and schools must make an effort to actively recruit. If the district re-hires a retired teacher, the contract for reemployment must not be longer than 12 consecutive months. Retirement benefits would be suspended when a teacher becomes an active hire.

The bill passed the Senate unanimously and the House by a vote of 37-1.

This law would apply to contracts made after Nov. 8, 2018.

Image at top: public domain.