With New Alaska Law, the License to Fish Can Be on Your Phone

Salmon in a seine net

Alaskans holding a recreational fishing, hunting or trapping activities license can now show their license to officials in digital form.

House Bill 260, signed into law on July 13, now allows for carriers to show their license in paper form or on their cellphone. This includes a digital copy, or a photograph of a paper copy.

Eagle River Republican Representative Dan Saddler sponsored the bill. According to a press release, he says, “This legislation makes it easier for Alaskans to comply with the law and for Fish and Game officials to verify compliance with the law.”

Under the new law, anyone failing to produce a digital or paper copy has 30 days to cancel their ticket. This can be done by showing a paper or digital license to the citing agency.

The law does not allow for an officer to examine any other content on the digital device other than the license.

Correction: an earlier version of this story was misleading on the date House Bill 260 went into effect. It was signed on July 13, not July 1. The error has been corrected.

Image at top: KNOM file: Salmon caught in a seine net in the eastern Norton Sound, just up the Bering Sea coast from Nome.