Newly Signed ‘Bree’s Law’ Aims to Curb Abuse

Facade of the Alaska State Capitol building, Juneau.

On July 11, a bill requiring schools to develop and implement programs to curb abusive relationships and dating violence was signed into law by Governor Bill Walker.

HB 214, or Bree’s Law, requires the Alaska Department of Education and Early Development to work in tandem with school districts to create programs that help students navigate emotions and build healthy relationships.

The bill is named after Bree Moore, a 20 year-old woman from Anchorage who was murdered by her boyfriend in 2014. Her parents lobbied for this legislation in hopes that her death could be used to educate Alaska’s young people about dating and domestic violence.

A press release from Rep. Harriet Drummond (D-Anchorage) states, “The bill stipulates that the program include parental notification, training for both teachers and students, and a periodic review to ensure the program is consistent with best practices.”

Image at top: file photo: the Alaska State Capitol in Juneau. Photo: Neal Jennings.