New Sitnasuak VP To Lead HR for Subsidiaries, Including Nome’s Bonanza Fuel

Polar bear in front of Sitnasuak Native Corporation building in Nome.

Sitnasuak Native Corporation (SNC) announced on Tuesday a new Vice President of Human Resources. Heather Spear-Morris started in the role last month.

Spear-Morris will be based in Anchorage, where she will lead human resources activities for SNC and its subsidiary companies, including Bonanza Fuel and Express in Nome.

In a press release Tuesday, Spear-Morris said she looks forward to doing what she can to “further the many benefits Sitnasuak provides with our shareholders and descendants.”

Before coming to SNC, Spear-Morris worked for over two decades in human resources, primarily with Alaska Native Corporations. For 15 years, she worked with Calista Corporation, where she oversaw shareholder training, collective bargaining, and the distribution of benefits.

Correction: an earlier version of this story incorrectly stated that work with “lower 48 utility companies” would be part of Ms. Spear-Morris’ new role with Sitnasuak Native Corporation. This was in error: her work with lower 48 utilities was part of her past experience, not her current role. The misleading text has been removed.

Image at top: Detail of the Sitnasuak Native Corporation building on Front Street in Nome. Photo: David Dodman, KNOM file.