Nome-Golovin 2018: Final Results

Racers on snowmobiles on snow-covered sea ice.

Jarvis Miller is the champion of the 2018 Nome-Golovin Snowmachine Race.

Final results, with race times compensated-for with each competitor’s starting differential, follow below by competitive class.

Class C Finishers (600cc — Open)

NamePlaceBibCourse Time
Jarvis Miller1102:08:18
Cody Sherman2152:11:49
Nicholas Reader3162:14:44
Jade Greene452:17:05
Lucas Bauman5132:19:06
Amos Cruise6122:19:43
Shantah Esparza7112:21:23
Luke Smith842:22:40
Brandon Ahmasuk992:30:34
Ross Outwater10172:31:56
John Bahnke III1182:42:51

Class C Scratches (Did Not Finish)

  • Evan Booth
  • Gabriel Cabera
  • Harvey Farley
  • Henry Richards
  • James “Tre” West

Class B Finishers (0-600cc)

NamePlaceBibCourse Time
Mike Morgan1312:16:01
Troy Miller2292:18:59
Steven Williamson3432:19:32
Harley Shield II4422:20:47
Louis Green5452:23:55
Quinn Schaeffer6282:25:25
Erik Johnson7332:25:40
Troy Conlon8272:25:42
Shea Oliver9352:27:55
Brad Mountain10442:28:51
John Schaeffer11372:30:18
Jimmy West, Jr.12302:31:07
Bob Saccheus13392:33:58
Michael Oliver14382:42:26
Charles Swanson15362:52:51

Class B Scratches

  • Ty Gooden
  • Norman Sheldon
  • Gabe Schaeffer
  • Charles “Chris” Reader
  • Gerald Hughes

Class A Finishers (Fan-Cooled)

NamePlaceBibCourse Time
John Walluk1492:15:03
Jason West2482:20:21
Robert Richards3502:37:08

Women’s Class

NamePlaceBibCourse Time
MarySue Hyatt1551:08:56
Stacy West2661:12:37
Elizabeth Sours3591:13:10
Kerry Ahmasuk4581:13:18
Trisha Parker5651:13:33
Richelle Horner6561:14:21
Carrie Longley7631:16:42
Samantha Richards8571:17:02
Agnes Anasogak9531:20:22
Alice Amaktoolik10601:20:41
Raenelle West11541:21:12
Katie Hannon-Lewis12511:25:12
Dora Hughes13611:31:15
Amber Ryan14522:10:22

Women’s Class Scratches

  • Katie O’Connor
  • Bethany Horton

Image at top: Racers assembled at the start line of Nome-Golovin 2018. Photo: Zoe Grueskin, KNOM.

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