Nanooks Basketball Pulls Three Wins Against Kotzebue

Three Nome girls, in purple, block a Kotzebue girl, in white, who tries to pass the ball

Four of Northwest Alaska’s 3A varsity basketball teams faced off last weekend, with girls’ games in Nome and boys’ games in Kotzebue on Friday and Saturday.

The Nome–Beltz Nanooks boys team continued this season’s winning streak against Kotzebue with two victories on the Huskies’ home turf. Both games saw the Nanooks win by more than 30 points: Friday night 67–32 and Saturday 61–25.

Gareth Hansen, Harrison Moore, and Bobby Koezuna continued to lead the team with high point tallies. Hansen dropped a total of 24 points in the bucket Friday night.

Back in Nome, the Nanooks girls won their first game against Kotzebue this season, splitting this weekend’s series. Friday night’s game came down to seven points, with the Nanooks emerging on top, 56–49. Saturday, the Huskies came back to defeat the Nanooks by 10, 47–37.

Nome’s Taeler Brunette led the scoreboard with a total of 25 points over the weekend.

The Nanooks and Huskies will meet again in just over two weeks for the Western Conference Tournament in Anchorage. Until then, the Nanooks have one more week of regular play.

This weekend, the girls will travel to the North Slope to take on the Barrow Whalers. The boys will host the Whalers in Nome, with games at 7:15 pm Friday night and 3:00 Saturday, in the Nome-Beltz High School gym.

Image at top: The Nanooks girls team face the Kotzebue Huskies at home. (Photo: Janeen Sullivan, used with permission)