Calista Native Corp. Announces 2017 Elder Program Benefit Distribution

A wintery scene of the Kisaralik River, with a frozen river and snow-covered mountain in the background

The Calista Corporation Board of Directors has announced its 10th consecutive Elders’ Benefit Program distribution.

According to a press release, original Calista shareholders who were 65 years old by November 13, 2017 will receive $325 each. That’s a total of over $700,000 for over 2,200 Elder shareholders.

Calista has disbursed over $5.5 million in the Elders’ Benefit Program since 2008. Shareholder dividends have totaled nearly $50 million in the 36 years since the corporation’s inception. 60 percent of that amount has been provided in the past three years.

Calista Corporation President Andrew Guy says “the distribution will provide financial relief as temperatures drop.”

The fall dividend comes from an investment portfolio created in 2014, intended to provide a reliable source of dividends not dependent on business operations.

Direct deposits and checks for Elder benefits are expected to be distributed by the close of business next Monday, December 18th.

Image at top: The Kisaralik River, in the Yukon Delta National Wildlife Reserve, which covers much of the area of the Calista Native Corporation (Photo: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service).