Now in the Forecast: Sea Ice

Two people, wearing heavy parkas, hold long poles with iron hooks at the end, standing on sea ice, with a large vessel in the background.

The building and movements of sea ice pack are now part of KNOM’s weather forecasts.

The National Weather Service has recently made this reporting data available for broadcast. The reach and thickness of ocean ice from the shoreline is essential information to listeners who subsistence hunt marine mammals and those who tend crab pots or jig for fish.

Sea ice forecasting was also the subject of a recent episode of KNOM’s Exchange, which invites listeners to call and join discussions with local experts or authorities on regionally-relevant subjects (in this case, weather).

Thanks to your support, information like this is a regular rhythm of KNOM’s daily broadcasts.

Image at top: On the sea ice with traditional multi-tools, Arctic ice testing sticks. One end is for checking the safety of ice; the other is a rescue hook if someone falls through the ice. (Photo courtesy of Gay Sheffield.)