Governor Walker Responds to Departure from Paris Climate Agreement

Overview of Paris, France, at sunset.

Amidst controversy over the U.S.’s withdrawal from the Paris climate accord, Governor Bill Walker says Alaska is still focused on addressing climate change and boosting national defense.

After President Trump’s announcement, Governor Walker put out a press release emphasizing the importance of Alaska’s Arctic position.

Walker pointed directly to erosion and climate change affecting Shishmaref, Kivalina, and Newtok. He also stated that erosion is affecting remote radar sites “essential to maintaining control of U.S. airspace, to detect and counter Russian incursions.”

He added that with the United States’ need for military presence as a national defense strategy in the Arctic, Alaska is ready to help the Trump Administration protect communities and the way of life of the American people.

Shishmaref, Alaska. Photo: Davis Hovey, KNOM.

Shishmaref, Alaska. Photo: Davis Hovey, KNOM.