Talking Inupiaq

Inside KNOM studios, Josie Bourdon and Annie Conger record Inupiaq language lesson spots at KNOM with volunteer producer Lauren Frost.

“Qaniġitpin?” … “Nakuuruŋa.”

“How are you?” … “I am doing fine.”

Nome Elementary Inupiaq teachers Annie Conger and Josie Bourdon have teamed with producer Lauren Frost to record a series of educational spots for KNOM to broadcast.

Annie and Josie write out the lessons, which are about a minute each, and record them, in hopes that listeners will learn, or re-learn, these conversational phrases. The teachers report that some of their students at the elementary school will come in and say, “I heard you on the radio!”

To hear these spots, and to get a glimpse of one the Native languages spoken in KNOM country, use the audio player below. These spots are among the many ways your support provides education in Western Alaska.

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  1. Cindy Johnson on April 8, 2017 at 1:45 am

    It was slightly confusing. The music, then inupiaq phrase, then inupiaq phrase teaching. Then it was English translation then repeat if inupiaq phrase teaching? I kinda like the way north slope borough teaches it.