Now Online: the Rosary

Rosary Beads

We’re excited to report that, thanks to your continued support, KNOM helped celebrate the arrival of Easter, this year, in ways both old and new. Not only did we broadcast Mass to thousands of listeners on Easter Sunday, but we also greeted the end of Lent by putting our nightly Rosary prayers on our website.

On, you’ll now find the recordings of the joyful, sorrowful, glorious, and luminous Rosaries, which broadcast each night, on a rotating basis, on our AM and FM airwaves. Especially for our listeners that may be otherwise occupied during our 9pm Rosary hour each night, we hope that this will be a useful expansion of one of KNOM’s signature services, a tradition that stretches back to our first broadcasts. Those hoping to pray the Rosary — whether in Nome, Alaska, or New York City — can now do so, at any hour, with our recordings. They can even download them for use when away from a computer.

Just like the Rosary pictured above — whose beads and crucifix were locally hand-carved from Bering Sea ivory — KNOM’s Rosary recordings are distinctively rural Alaskan. They feature the voices of members of Nome’s local St. Joseph parish, as well as KNOM staff, volunteers, and family. Thanks to you, we’re so pleased to be able to expand our mission in this new but simple way, online. To find our Rosary recordings, yourself, simply visit this page.