#FocusWesternAK: Nome, in the Light of Day

A "sun dog" over Nome

We’re excited to be starting a new web series — focusing on snapshots of our unique corner of the world. Say hello to #FocusWesternAK, a KNOM.org series through which we hope to showcase small examples of the sights and beauty of western Alaska, online.

Our first post of #FocusWesternAK takes us to KNOM’s hometown — Nome, Alaska — with a special emphasis on the incredible light, sometimes-abundant sunshine, and gorgeous skies the residents of the Gold Rush City enjoy, throughout the year.

Stay tuned for future #FocusWesternAK posts: both on this website and on Facebook and Twitter.

Evening over Old St. Joe's, Nome, Alaska

Evening over Old St. Joe’s, downtown Nome, Alaska, July 17, 2015. Photo: David Dodman.

Skies over the Nome airport

Summer-afternoon clouds over the Nome airport runway, July 11, 2015. Photo: David Dodman.

Shadows at the Nome Community Center

Mid-day shadows form patterns at the Nome Community Center. Photo: David Dodman.

Statue on Front Street, Nome, Alaska

Light playing off of a statue on Front Street, downtown Nome, Alaska. Photo: David Dodman.

Golden light over Nome

Golden light over Nome, seen from an Anchorage-bound airplane, August 31, 2015. Photo: David Dodman.

A "sun dog" over Nome

At sunrise on Wednesday, Feb. 13, 2013, a “sun dog” – the partial halo of light around the disc of the sun – was particularly glorious over downtown Nome. Photo: David Dodman, KNOM.

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