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KNOM envelopes

As the calendar year turns over into 2016, we’d like to mention a few items you may find in your mailbox from KNOM in the coming weeks — if not already.

First: year-end receipts. We’ll be mailing paper receipts (for tax purposes) to KNOM benefactors who gave $100 or more to our mission in 2015. If you need a receipt and haven’t received one by the end of January, please let us know: contact us by calling (907) 443-5221 or by emailing Lynette at And if you’d prefer an email receipt, rather than (or in addition to) a paper one, we’d be happy to suit your preferences. Note that donations to KNOM Radio Mission, Inc., are tax-deductible, but only if you itemize.

Secondly, some donors may have noticed return mailing addresses in Anchorage, Alaska, on some of our recent mail pieces. This is because KNOM has opened a very small office in Alaska’s largest city to better suit the communications needs of our mission. While our headquarters remains, and always will be, in Nome, the Anchorage office helps us simplify the logistical hurdles — and sidestep many of the frequent delays — of distributing and receiving paper mail from rural Alaska. Even though our new office has been open for only a few months, we’re already seeing the savings of our Anchorage branch beginning to outweigh its cost. Look for a companion piece in an upcoming Static for more.

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