Novembers Gone By

Ric surveys 2005 storm damage

Here are a few quick looks at Novembers through the years at our mission — and within the pages (print and online) of our newsletter, The Nome Static.

Five years ago, in 2010, the Static happily reported the arrival of first year volunteer Matthew Smith, who was then serving as a public affairs director (pictured). After two successful years as a volunteer and time working in Anchorage in TV journalism, Matt returned as KNOM’s permanent news director in 2014.

Volunteer Matthew Smith, circa 2010

That same November ’10 Static also recalled the November of 1980, when longtime US senator Ted Stevens was photographed by the Associated Press talking to the media in Washington, D.C. — while holding a KNOM coffee mug.

Ted Stevens holds KNOM mug

Ten years ago, meanwhile, the 90-mph winds of a “once in 30 years” storm in our region ripped a large portion of siding from the station building’s western exterior (easily dwarfing general manager Ric Schmidt, pictured above). Then, as now, KNOM news went above and beyond to keep listeners informed on the storm’s progress and how best to stay safe while waiting it out. Some within our listening area lost power for 5 ½ days during the storm; in Nome, a “little generator that could” helped keep the station on the air.


  1. Paul McKeough on November 5, 2015 at 8:41 am

    My name is Paul McKeough and I am the national secretary for the Holy Name Society, a lay parish-based spiritual formation and service confraternity in affiliation with the Order of Dominicans across their four provinces in the United States. I have recently become aware of KNOM Radio Mission and would like to be a supporting affiliate of your ministry in Western Alaska. While outreach to the far corners of our world is at the core of our Christian mission as individuals, families, and affiliations, providing support to those in our own country is also of importance, perhaps even primary importance, depending on how we answer that early Christian question: “Lord, who is my neighbor.” I believe that the people serviced, supported, and sanctified by the ministry of those of KNOM Radio Mission can also be of service in sharing their experiences with those of us of the “lower 48.” That said, for starters, I would like to be put on the KNOW Radio Mission mailing list. It would be my intent to receive and share something of the journey with Christ of those who seem so far off of our local radar. Being aware of those fellow travelers with the Lord can only be of benefit for us becoming more open to others and inclusive of these others in our prayers works, and actions. Looking forward to hearing from you soon, as we travel the roads together IN HIS NAME,

    Paul McKeough
    National Secretary
    National Association of the Holy Name Society

    • Matthew F. Smith on November 5, 2015 at 12:59 pm

      Hi Paul, I am passing along your name and contact info to our business department to get you on our mailing/contact list. Thanks for the message!