Margaret and Josh, Full Circle

Margaret and Josh in Studio A

At KNOM, the mission of building relationships and gently changing lives informs so much of what we do, every day. We’re gratified when the fruits of this mission benefit not only our listeners but, also, our own volunteers and staff.

That’s definitely the case for volunteer alumni Margaret DeMaioribus and Josh Cunningham, who became close friends during their shared volunteer year (2012–2013). Both our mission and the region and people it serves made an indelible mark upon Josh and Margaret, as evidenced by their decision to return to Nome in late June: to reconnect with old friends and to bring their service years full circle.

Josh and Margaret, outside KNOM

Josh and Margaret, outside KNOM Studios in Nome, June 2015. Photo: David Dodman, KNOM.

Here’s Margaret’s own words on her and Josh’s reunion trip to Nome:

I had the recent opportunity to visit Nome in June with one of my fellow volunteers, Josh. He and I had talked on end about how much we missed Nome and often reminisced about the growth and experiences of our shared volunteer year. It seemed only natural to want to return to reflect on our time there.

Arriving at the airport in Nome, it felt like I hadn’t left. Walking around town and reconnecting with friends and community members brought back so many memories. Even talking with the current KNOM volunteers, I was reminded of those first few months, when I arrived and had no idea of the adventures ahead.

So much has happened in my life since my year at KNOM. I’ve moved to my dream city, Seattle, returned to a career path in health sciences, and developed and shared relationships with incredible people. However, even though I am no longer broadcasting news and playing music each week, those skills and experiences are still with me in my daily life: from humbling myself to learn new things, to learning how to ask deeper questions and listen, as well as how to be present to others and myself in the midst of stress and uncertainty.

Ric, our boss at KNOM, had always said of the volunteer program that we’d be “unpacking this for the rest of our lives,” and nothing could be truer. KNOM taught me an immense amount then, which I carry with me now, and will continue to reflect and build upon into the future.

Thanks so much for all you do to enable our ongoing volunteer program. Thanks, too, to Josh and Margaret, who not only graced us with their presence for a few days but also pitched in a few more hours’ worth of volunteer work as guest deejays. They even joined Nome’s Midnight Sun Festival parade: Josh as a reading “superhero” and Margaret in a waterdrop costume, respectively encouraging literacy and good health (by drinking water). (Thanks to Josh for the photo below!)

We’re so happy to count Josh and Margaret among our KNOM alumni — and you among our KNOM family, for making it all possible.

Margaret and Josh in Nome parade

During their visit, Margaret and Josh joined Nome’s Midnight Sun Festival parade: Josh as a reading “superhero” and Margaret in a waterdrop costume, respectively encouraging literacy and good health (by drinking water). Thanks to Josh for the photo!


  1. ron on July 31, 2015 at 1:32 am

    Your volunteers are the special few whom God calls to give of themselves for a time …

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