Listening to the Listeners

Sounding Board episode on listener feedback

Just before Memorial Day weekend, KNOM concluded its season of Sounding Board, our weekly, one-hour call-in show that gives listeners a chance to make their voices heard on a wide variety of topics.

For this particular show (pictured, above), the topic was KNOM itself: we invited participants to share what they like about our station and ways our programming and news content could be even better.

We were so heartened and energized by the response. Here are a few quick quotes from callers:

“All my kids say the Rosary, (which) they learned by listening to KNOM… We listen all day.”

“Thank you… I don’t watch news on TV, so the only news I get is from KNOM on the radio!”

“There’s no radio station better than KNOM!”

“(KNOM is) an integral part of this community… reaching all the outlying villages with your radio reception. Thank you for your public service.”

Thanks so much for supporting a mission that, we believe, touches so many lives every day. You can hear this special Sounding Board show in its entirety right here.