At the Big Conference, a Look at What’s Next

Sound board at NAB 2015

As the basic construction work of KNOM’s digital studios nears its end, we’re preparing for our studios’ next major step: selecting and installing the broadcast hardware pieces that will empower them.

The timing works out well this year, since last month brought an event — the annual conference of the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) — that offered the rare opportunity for a few KNOM representatives to see and touch a wide variety of cutting-edge sound equipment.

Tom Bunger at NAB 2015

KNOM alumnus Tom Bunger inspects a few pieces of broadcasting equipment at the 2015 National Association of Broadcasters convention in April. Photo: Ric Schmidt, KNOM.

In attendance at the NAB Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, were general manager Ric Schmidt, engineer Rolland Trowbridge, and former KNOMer Tom Bunger (pictured), the latter two of whom volunteered their vacation time to make this crucial trip possible. The three explored the myriad technology offerings of the NAB floor show (such as sound boards, pictured) to isolate the pieces that, through a combination of appropriate features and cost-efficiency, will be best suited for our new studios.

On NAB’s massive show floor, Ric, Rolland, and Tom met with sales reps, compared prices, and tested hardware from a variety of companies, working to ensure that, in the end, the new studios employ technology perfectly matched for our unique needs.