A Day of Blindingly Fast Sleds

Jenn Ruckel at Nome-Golovin 2015

Amid all of our excitement at covering the Iditarod last month, another race briefly captured our attention: a race as fast as the Iditarod is epic.

The Nome-Golovin Snowmachine (Snowmobile) Race is an annual, 200-mile dash (to the nearby community of Golovin and back) that captures the eager attention of many in KNOM’s immediate listening range. Beginning and concluding on the frozen Bering Sea just a few blocks from KNOM, the race drew out a sizable crowd of both competitors and race fans, many of whom had loved ones in the race.

Despite racer speeds topping out around 100 miles per hour, we’re happy to report that no one was injured in this year’s competition. Thanks to you, the KNOM team — including news volunteer Jenn Ruckel, pictured — rallied to provide comprehensive coverage both on the air and online. We know the coverage was appreciated; KNOM is effectively the only media organization to provide same-day news of the race. It’s a fun day, and your support makes our coverage possible. Thanks!