In Our Volunteers’ Home: a Floor to Walk On, a Stove to Cook On

Feet on the new floor in KNOM's volunteer house

The New Year has brought renovations to KNOM — and not just within our major studios construction project.

Our volunteer house has received some minor upgrades, as well.

Within the dormitory that we maintain for our full-time volunteers, a new floor and a large rug are making the already-comfortable house just a bit more well outfitted. (They’re replacements for a commercial-grade carpet, installed in the early 1990s, that was actually older than some of our current volunteers and, at the time of replacement, worn down to the subfloor.) After many years of casseroles, omelettes, and pots of tea, the volunteers’ kitchen stove was broken beyond repair and has also been replaced, with the glass-top model pictured.

The volunteers' new stove

The volunteers’ new stove. photo: David Dodman, KNOM.

The renovations are incremental, but improvements like these nonetheless show our ongoing investment not only in the properties we hold but, especially, in the volunteer program that so crucially helps to make our entire operation possible. While we always operate mindful of how to make the most of the dollars we receive, we work, too, to best preserve the buildings in which we’re so fortunate to work — and, in the case of our volunteers, to live.

Thanks for making it all possible; you’re (literally) supporting us from the ground up.