To Fairbanks for an Ordination

The proclamation for Bishop Zielinski's ordination

As a follow-up from an earlier issue of the Static, we’re excited to share that volunteer news reporter Jenn Ruckel was in Fairbanks late last year for the ordination of the new bishop for our diocese.

Bishop Chad Zielinski was ordained as the leader of the Fairbanks diocese — the diocese of which Nome and KNOM’s listening area are a part — on December 15, and newsie Jenn was on hand to report on the event for KNOM listeners and web readers. She also snapped the photos above and below, which show (among other scenes) the gathered priests and deacons who were present at Bishop Zielinski’s ordination, as well as the official mandate for the selection of Bishop Zielinski sent from Pope Francis.

For lots more on this special moment for the Church in Western Alaska, we’d encourage you to explore a few stories elsewhere on this website. Jenn’s long-form news story (a Profile) gives context and depth to Bishop Zielinski’s ordination, and a separate post provides selected audio clips from the ordination Mass itself.

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