Almost Ready to Move In

Matt, Francesca, and Jenn in the new studios

From floor to ceiling, our under-construction studio offices continue to show progress.

As of mid-January, the interior of the Tom and Florence Busch Digital Studios are completely outfitted with brand-new soundproofing and carpeting.

As we wrote last month, the construction of our new studios themselves are now fully paid-for, although our work continues: not only to outfit our still-empty studios with the broadcasting equipment needed to make them useful but, also, to renovate our existing facilities to match. Of the $1 million we’ve projected we’ll need to finish this crucial undertaking, we’ve raised $821,682.70 as of January 15.

To learn more, as always, visit our digital studios page. (Photos: current news team Matthew Smith, Jenn Ruckel, and Francesca Fenzi happily inspect their future newsroom.)