In the News: From Fire to Ice

Onlookers and the East 3rd Avenue fire in Nome

Thanks to you, our listeners — and readers of KNOM’s online news — have received a wide slate of fascinating (and, at times, very urgent) news stories this autumn, the work of our intrepid news team (Matthew, Francesca, and Jenn).

Here are just a few examples (all available online):

One of the worst residential fires in Nome in recent memory happened in late September at an eight-unit apartment complex just a few blocks from our studios. While, thankfully, no one was killed, the conflagration (pictured) displaced about 20 people. KNOM covered the incident in depth, with photos and video online and several stories on-air.

A KNOM Profile (long-form news story) in October showcased an exciting new class — teaching Iñupiaq (in-OO-pee-ock), an Alaska Native language common to our region — being offered in Nome schools. Pictured is Nome teacher Marjorie Tahbone instructing students in the atchagat, or alphabet.

Marjorie Tahbone teaches Iñupiaq

With the imminent arrival of our long winter, several news stories focused on ice. One story reported the need to relocate boats from Nome’s harbor (pictured) in advance of freeze-up. Another story showcased a special tool: the Arctic Native ice-testing stick, or unghaq, traditionally used as a precautionary safety device when walking on the frozen sea.

Nome Port, October 2014


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