A show new to KNOM: Story49

Richard Beneville

Thanks to your support, KNOM Radio has long been a vehicle for telling uniquely Alaskan stories, whether they’re breaking news events or the life experiences of respected elders within our communities.

In recent months, KNOM storytelling has taken on a new form with a show spearheaded by volunteer Emily Bieniek: Story49. Per our website, Story49 is “a program offering those in Western Alaska an opportunity to share, record, and preserve the stories of their lives.” It’s aired once a month since its debut in October 2013, and Emily says she’s proud of the diversity that the show has already featured in just that short time. The show has featured interviews with local Nome residents, as well as performers, artists, and other notable figures from elsewhere in Alaska.

We encourage you to explore (and especially to listen to!) the Story49 episodes Emily’s already produced. Thank you for making this important show possible!

Moses and Emily

Story49 producer Emily with a soon-to-be-featured Story49 subject, artist Moses Wassilie, just after meeting at the Alaska Federation of Natives convention this past October.