The messages you see in grey boxes throughout our print newsletter (which you can download as a PDF) – and in all of our Static (newsletter) issues – are but a tiny sampling of KNOM’s massive library of “spots.”

They’re brief radio messages, created in-house at KNOM, that we sprinkle into each broadcast hour, taking the place of commercials (since we’re non-profit).

Spot production is one of KNOM’s oldest and most fundamental traditions, and through 2014 and beyond, it remains a regular part of the work we do.

KNOM’s spots – currently being produced by volunteers Dayneé Rosales and Tara Cicatello – are important because they cover two areas essential to KNOM’s mission: education and inspiration. In our hourly broadcasts, you’ll hear spots on Catholic spirituality, Alaska Native languages, safety tips on traveling through our region’s countryside in winter, general “food for thought,” and lots more. One highlight of our current spots: the writing of local, Alaskan poets.