Gone country

Tara hosts AK Country

With each new class of KNOM volunteers comes a new wave of energy and fresh ideas for how to make our mission even better.

This year’s class of KNOM volunteers (2013-2014) is no different.

In early January, first-year volunteer producer Tara Cicatello (pictured) debuted a new country show on our airwaves, AK Country. The program brings a blend of different types of country music to our listeners every Wednesday afternoon, 2 to 4pm.

As longtime readers of the Static know, KNOM’s radio signal is a primary source of music and entertainment for thousands of people in the isolated stretches of Western Alaska. We play music of a wide variety on a daily basis – with everything from 1950s doo-wop to modern pop and rock – but for many of our listeners, country music is their favorite.

Thanks to your support, we know that Tara’s show will delight countless listeners in our region. Especially during the colder months, even just a few songs – by the likes of Johnny Cash, Loretta Lynn, Tim McGraw, and many more – can make a big difference. Through your generosity, KNOM is both a friend and a trusted media source for thousands.

And speaking of volunteers: we’re currently recruiting for our 2014-2015 volunteer program. Know someone who might be interested? Application materials and more information are online.