A New Year’s studio update

Our digital studios, under construction

We hope that the photos below help to show why we’re so excited about our studio expansion project.

Our dedicated construction crew continues to make progress, and with your support, the Tom and Florence Busch Digital Studios will likely become operational sometime later this year.

As the calendar turns over into 2014, the sounds of carpentry continue to echo throughout KNOM’s existing offices. The latest annex renovations, as you see here, include the finished siding on the outside of the new studios; its weather-sealed windows; and its in-progress vent and heating system.

Work on our new studios will soon turn to their broadcast hardware and other technological needs, and in this regard, you may be interested to know where our construction-specific finances stand.

To date, we’ve raised a total of $522,819 for our digital studios. We estimate the complete studio renovation work, from start to finish, will cost $1 million. The project, and its budget, fall into five phases.

Phase 1, our new studios’ architectural and design plans, cost $48,928 to complete. Phase 2, the studio annex building’s construction, is currently underway; all of its expenses ($424,635) have either already been paid or are secured through funds we’ve received. After subtracting these expenditures from our current digital studios fund, we have $49,256 left to apply to the next phase of our renovations.

Phase 3 ($352,286) will cover new studio equipment and its installation. Phase 4 ($80,730) will remodel our existing studios; Phase 5 funds ($93,421) will go toward a replacement AM transmitter.

Overall, we have $477,181 left to raise to bring our studio funds to $1 million and to make our renovations a reality; it’s a project we believe will be crucial for KNOM’s future sustainability. A $50,000 matching grant from the Rasmuson Foundation – just announced in November and detailed in our last Static – will help to push our project forward. To join us and to learn more, visit our digital studios page.