2013 Financial Report

2013 Finances

Thanks to you, KNOM Radio Mission, Inc. finished the 2013 fiscal year (July 2012 to June 2013) “in the black.”

Our total income was $1,662,925, with expenses for the same period totaling $1,657,213.

Our budget thus barely balanced, despite a substantial funding shortage we experienced in the late spring; we can’t thank enough all of the supporters whose generosity, then and now, has sustained us through lean times. As we go to press, however, further funding challenges have put us back in the red.

Our income for fiscal year 2013 (FY 2013), per usual, came mostly from individual donations ($1,053,879; 63.4% on the chart below), with legacy giving making a substantial difference as well ($463,931; 27.9%). Underwriting for our on-air programs brought in $29,524, or 1.8%. Interest and miscellaneous income totaled $8,893 (0.5%).

The “In-Kind Volunteer Donations” marked above arise from the savings our mission sees from our volunteer program; the contributed labor of our full-time volunteers effectively gave KNOM $106,698 (6.4% of income) in FY 2013.

Just shy of half of our expenses ($819,387; 49.4%) went to staff expenses (including salaries, wages, benefits, and taxes) in FY 2013; the remaining half went to programming and technical costs ($263,197; 15.9%), the operation of our facilities ($121,936; 7.4%), this newsletter ($111,499; 6.7%), and fundraising overall ($341,194; 20.6%).

We’re happy to report that our FY 2013 fundraising costs were reduced 2% from the previous year. We make every effort to keep fundraising costs as low as we possibly can; we do so despite our promise never to sell or otherwise distribute our donors’ contact information, which would reduce fundraising expenses.

These figures do not include income and expenses for our studio renovation project (The Tom and Florence Busch Digital Studios). In FY 2013, income specifically for our digital studios totaled $256,630, with expenditures at $211,223. This does not include the matching Rasmuson grant described elsewhere in our Year-End 2013 newsletter. Stay tuned for more figures on our digital studios in the January Static.