The first hints of winter

The snow is starting to accumulate on the mountains, hills, and the tundra. At night, if the sky is clear, you can sometimes see wispy, colorful auroras dancing in the expansive darkness. During the day, the weather ranges from snowy to mostly sunny and cold. As the seasons change and the thermometer heads towards zero, we thank all who help us make a positive difference every minute of every day.

As the days get shorter (by about 6 minutes per day) and temperatures drop, the Bering Sea turns to slush. Then, the cold takes hold of the water, and the shore ice fastens itself to the beaches. As these changes occur, KNOM constantly broadcasts critical weather, news, and information, along with award-winning inspiration and entertainment. Our thanks to the generations of donors, volunteers, and staff who have helped keep KNOM stay on the air. We are truly blessed!