A festival in Wales, Alaska

Emily in Wales, Alaska

A month ago, newly-arrived volunteer Emily Bieniek joined second-year volunteer Dayneé Rosales in traveling to Wales, Alaska: a small community within our listening range that was the 2013 host of the Kingikmiut Dance Festival.

Kingikmiut (KING-ick-mewt) is an annual gathering that brings together representatives from many of the communities we serve; it’s a weekend celebration of traditional Alaska Native music, culture, and food. Thanks to a longtime sponsorship with a regional air carrier, Emily and Dayneé’s travel was free.

This year, for Emily – our volunteer music director – the trip was a vital chance to expand our music library. One of the many qualities that makes KNOM unique – and that, we hope, endears us to our listeners – is that our programming features a very regular sampling of Alaska Native music; we play at least one Native song during most of our broadcast hours. Almost all of these songs are live recordings from music festivals like Kingikmiut; at this year’s Wales performances, Emily was hard at work, capturing new samples of traditional music (as pictured).

This music – and the larger culture it taps into – is so important to our listeners and to our mission. Thank you for making trips like these possible!


This article is part of the October 2013 edition of our newsletter, The Nome Static.

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  1. PeggyAnn on October 26, 2013 at 11:31 am

    like the pic in the background is my parents Pete n Lena Sereadlook n my two daughters Stacey and Becca Tokeinna love the pic thanks for sharing huh!