Great work, Tom and Marian!

In their second and final week of service to KNOM, we are thankful for the planning, funding, and hard work of Tom and Marian Braun from Colorado; they are two long-time supporters of KNOM who traveled up to Nome to help with several big projects.

Marian’s selection, purchase, and construction of new insulated curtains for KNOM’s volunteer community house brought smiles to the faces of all the volunteers. This project meant dozens of hours of cutting, pinning, and sewing before her husband Tom could mount the drapes in each window.

Tom and Marian took charge of scraping and painting at KNOM’s AM transmitter and generator buildings. They selected the finish color of the buildings, and during the rainy days, while Marian furiously sewed curtains, Tom finished work on the site’s crumbling AM transmitter fencing.

Having funded and finished these projects, they return to Anchorage, Alaska and their motor home, with plans to visit their family in California. Please keep Tom and Marian in your prayers.