Still part of the family

Les in KNOM's Studio C

Speaking of our facilities and equipment: we’d be remiss not to offer our thanks to Les Brown, the longtime volunteer engineer who, although retired from daily service at our mission, still contributes his considerable expertise and guidance to KNOM.

Les (seen here at KNOM during his last visit to Nome, in 2011) has been part of our mission since its early days, four decades ago. From his current home in Southcentral Alaska – nearly 1,000 miles from our station – Les is often a long-distance resource on a variety of equipment and engineering topics. With a photographic memory and an encyclopedic knowledge of all things radio, Les has been a guiding voice more times than we can count.

Now more than ever, we’re reminded that so many hands and hearts contribute to make our mission possible. We’re so grateful for Les’ contributions – and for yours – for keeping KNOM on the air.


This article is part of the September 2013 edition of our newsletter, The Nome Static.