Picking up the baton

Josh, Tuesona, and Emily

As you read this, our newest full-time volunteers are busy acclimating to life in rural Alaska and diligently learning their new service tasks at KNOM.

As you may have discovered in our August Static, we’re excited to welcome four new volunteers this year, and the first of these to arrive is new music director Emily Bieniek.

Emily’s cheerfully taken to her new job, crafting an ever-improved library of music for our listeners and deejaying three hours each weekday.

Her on-air duties include the popular Friday program The Fist Pound Show, co-hosted by community volunteer Tuesona Tungwenuk, a Nome resident and advocate for those with disabilities.

Pictured are Emily (right) and Tuesona sharing the studio with former music director Josh Cunningham, who departed our mission last month.

As always, thank you for your support of our incredible volunteers! They make a difference in the lives of rural Alaskans every day, thanks to you.


This article is part of the September 2013 edition of our newsletter, The Nome Static.