Making our new studios

The sounds of hammers, saws, and heavy equipment continues to echo throughout KNOM studios, as work on our studio annex – the Tom and Florence Busch Digital Studios – moves onward.

In July, our diligent construction crew finished wrapping the outside of our new studios in Arctic-grade insulation. Considering that the site was a bare lot less than a year ago, we’ve come a long way!

This is thanks to the thorough work of our local contractors and the generosity of our supporters. Their help has been invaluable, since our digital studios expansion and renovation project will be crucial to KNOM’s long-term sustainability. The technological advantages of our new studios will allow KNOM to stay on the air long after our current, aging broadcasting equipment has passed its usefulness. The new studios will help “future-proof” KNOM for years to come.

The building fund for our studios now stands at around $500,000; we’re halfway to our goal. For more on this project, visit our digital studios page.


This article is part of the September 2013 edition of our newsletter, The Nome Static.