A killer (whale) story

Whale sighting off Nome's coast

In late July, Nome residents were treated to an incredible sight just off our coastline: a small group of whales passing through the neighborhood.

A pod of about 10 killer whales (or orcas) attacked two gray whales, one of which was a young calf that may have been injured. The grays escaped by moving close to the shore: the shallow water likely thwarted the sonar with which the orcas were tracking the grays. Eventually, the killer whales moved on.

The whales’ visit was a rare sight, especially considering their proximity to Nome and its coastline.

Unsurprisingly, Nome residents went out to witness the whales with great enthusiasm. KNOM’s news team was there, too; volunteers Margaret DeMaioribus and Eva DeLappe reported live on the scene. (Eva is pictured at right.)


This article is part of the September 2013 edition of our newsletter, The Nome Static.