“He lifts up the listener…”

Josh Cunningham

We are blessed with the talent of five wonderful, full-time volunteers. Summer is always a time of transition, when our volunteers finish their service and help us welcome a new class of contributors.

KNOM volunteer music director Josh Cunningham will be leaving soon. His outstanding service has included three hours of airtime each weekday as an afternoon DJ, though which his positive spirit has surely made an impact on KNOM’s listeners.

Here are a few of the comments we’ve received about Josh:

So positive… he makes me smile when I listen.

He lifts up the listener…

I never miss him on Friday for the ‘Fist Pound Show’ with Tuesona…

The Fist-Pound Show, as you may know, features co-host Tuesona Tungwenuk. Tuesona is wheelchair-bound and an advocate for those with disabilities.

Josh and Tuesona’s time together is one of the most popular and beloved hours of KNOM’s weekly programming. It’s a spirited, fun show that we know our listeners appreciate – and it’s a shining example of the outstanding work Josh has done over the past year.