What’s cookin’?

Homemade granola

The hosts of KNOM’s Morning Show – volunteers Dayneé Rosales and Lucus Keppel – have been cooking up lots of great things this year. Literally.

Lucus makes almond butterFor months now, Lucus and Dayneé have collaborated with representatives from the CAMP Department, a division of Nome’s hospital that specializes in nutrition and healthy lifestyles. CAMP’s Katie Gonzales and Megan Timm have joined our Morning Show crew, on-air, for a weekly segment called Breakfast Wednesdays. Each week, the four of them prepare a different healthy breakfast food and talk about various topics in food nutrition. (The photos, for example, show Lucus preparing almond butter – a healthy alternative to peanut butter – and finished, homemade granola.)

Our Morning Show (airing weekdays from 6 to 10am) is one of KNOM’s most popular programs, and we know that segments like Breakfast Wednesday make an impact – especially in a region beset with high rates of diabetes and other health issues. Thank you for making shows like this possible!


This article is part of the July 2013 edition of our newsletter, The Nome Static.