Although our daylight hours are increasing, the final throes of winter are long in Western Alaska.

With temperatures just below freezing, small pellets of ice and snow still fall from the sky. Cooler-than-normal temperatures are slowing the retreat of the ice and snow, the air is brisk, and you can hear the occasional crackling of sea ice. Winter is not quite done with us.

Meanwhile, the KNOM volunteers are hard at work as they finish up their year-long commitment to the radio mission and to the people of Western Alaska. Dayneé Rosales will be staying a second year at KNOM, and Josh, Margaret, Eva, and Lucus will be moving on from the radio station this summer. We are so blessed to work with such committed young professionals.

As we say goodbye to these wonderful young people, we will be welcoming four new volunteers to KNOM. Please pray for all KNOM volunteers, past and present. They are one of the foundations of this critical radio ministry.