Spring’s slow arrival, and a special nod from the Alaska Legislature

In rural Alaska, spring is arriving in stops and starts.

As our daylight hours rapidly increase – by more than six minutes each day – our skies alternate between sunshine, clouds, and heavy fog. Temperatures hover near the freezing point during the day, and the snow and ice are beginning to recede. Perhaps most noticeably, the many bird species that call Nome home during the summer are beginning to return to the countryside. Spring in Alaska is a joyous time – and a season that rewards patience.

After receiving the 2013 Crystal Heritage Award from the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB), we were recently surprised with another special recognition from the State of Alaska. KNOM Radio was honored by the Alaska Legislature with a congratulatory proclamation. Senators Donald Olson and Dennis Egan were the main sponsors, and all the other Alaska senators signed on as co-sponsors.

We share this additional recognition with the entire KNOM family and wish we could thank each and every person who prays and contributes to keep KNOM on the air. Thanks to all who help KNOM make a positive difference every minute of every day!