The difference weather can make

Snow on Nome mountains

Snowy mountains near Nome, photographed February 2011. Photo by David Dodman.

What a difference the weather can make: especially in Western Alaska, and especially at this time of year.

On cloudy days, the dull light blurs the snowy landscape, and depth perception, over long distances, is more difficult. This “flat light” is a challenge for all who travel on land and the frozen sea. On sunny days, the light contrasts the Bering Sea shoreline, high places on the tundra, the rolling hills, and steep mountains, making travel easier for those using landmarks to find their way. At times, heavy snowfall makes any travel impossible.

In this season, casual observers along the Bering Sea coast can see helmeted travelers making their way across the snow and ice by snowmachine (or snowmobile) and, at the same time, witness sled dogs, strung together, pulling a sled and a solitary musher. Whatever the means of transportation, getting home can be a challenge at times.

We thank all who support KNOM and ask that you please join us as we pray that all who travel arrive safely at journey’s end.