Construction begins!

In recent weeks, KNOM’s volunteers and staff have become well versed in the sounds of hammers, power saws, and heavy machinery, but it’s all for good reason: construction is continuing for the Tom and Florence Busch Digital Studios!

After laying the foundation beams late last year, we are now busy building the outside structure of our new studio space. As you may know, our digital studios will expand our working space and, most importantly, renovate it, by allowing us to use more cost-efficient, digital technology.

As you see in the photos above, the support beams for our new studios are quickly being set into place. Work will continue, over the coming months, to finish the outside “box” of the new building, to connect it to our existing structure, and then, finally, to furnish it with digital broadcast hardware.

As we go to press, our studio construction funds stand at $482,296; it’s about half of what we’ll need to finish the full project. We can’t thank you enough for your continued support; to learn more, visit our digital studios page.


This article is part of the March 2013 edition of our newsletter, The Nome Static.