A spotlight on Native music

Lisa Ellanna Strickling in Studio A

Thanks to your support, the KNOM Radio Mission continues to mean so many different things to so many different people.

For many of our listeners, KNOM is a primary source of music: not just popular music but, also, the traditional music of Alaska Natives. Native culture is fundamental both to our mission and to our daily broadcasts, which is why we’re so thrilled to have Nome resident Lisa Ellanna Strickling as one of our volunteer community DJs.

Every Thursday afternoon, Lisa volunteers an hour of her time to play Native music on KNOM. As we detail in our Thursday program schedule, Lisa presents “a cross-section of songs, both contemporary and traditional, from different Native cultures, and she brings a special focus to the peoples of Alaska, the Arctic, and the North.” Native music holds such an important place in the traditional culture of our region, and we know that – thanks to your support! – Lisa’s show inspires countless listeners each week.

For more on Lisa’s show, explore our Thursday lineup (Lisa’s show is at 1pm!).


This article is part of the February 2013 edition of our newsletter, The Nome Static.