Reflections from our volunteers

Lucus in Studio A

KNOM’s full-time volunteers remain hard at work, and thanks to our Volunteer Blog, you can stay up-to-date on all of the ways these outstanding, service-minded individuals are making a difference in Western Alaska. (Among other things, the blog showcases recent photos of our volunteers, a few of which are sampled above and below.)

Josh and Eva on the beachOne recent blog post from volunteer Dayneé Rosales highlighted the spirit of community that informs our mission. An excerpt:

Winter presents unique challenges for life in rural Alaska. Alcohol abuse and suicide are big issues here. It’s hard on a lot of families, but there are also people who want to help.

What I like most about Nome is the amount of courage and love I see in the community… I see how willing people are to share their game, invite you in their homes, and share their stories.

Nome and KNOM are becoming my home… I am forming amazing friendships and learning to appreciate what everyone must do for a city or village to not only survive, but flourish, despite whatever comes our way.

Thanks so much for supporting our volunteer program! Every day, you are truly making a difference.


This article is part of the February 2013 edition of our newsletter, The Nome Static.