KNOM heard in Sweden!

The light is returning, and on clear days, the sky radiates a sparkling, deep blue light. Sunrise and sunset glow with fiery yellow and red hues. At night, the stars and planets twinkle with occasional interruptions from majestic auroras.


Last week, we received notification that a long-distance radio listener in a small village called Forsa (shown in the map above), about 300 kilometers north of Stockholm, Sweden, picked up a very weak KNOM radio signal by using an antenna and 2,600 feet of wire pointing at North America.

The listener wrote,

I am one of those guys who likes to listen to foreign radio stations on AM. The satisfaction of catching a radio signal from a faraway distance with no other connection than the airwaves is like a good hunt for a hunter. I like the format of your station; (it’s) good music in my taste, just as a local AM-station should be.

Thank you to everyone who makes KNOM possible.