January 1981: A new computer for Br. Normand

Cromemco Z2 computer ad

An advertisement for the Cromemco Z2 computer (very similar to one of the computer components used by KNOM in the early 1980s), as seen in the July 1977 issue of Byte magazine.

January 23, 1981

KNOM places a $16,435 order for a Cromemco Z2-H computer. Running at 4 MHz and with a 64k memory, the system includes two terminals. Using Structured Basic programming language, Br. Normand Berger, FIC, writes a program for keeping track of donations. One terminal sits in reception, the other in the manager’s office. The computer, paid for by a diamond engagement ring that had been donated to the station years earlier, makes a tremendous improvement in KNOM’s office efficiency.