Howling winds outside, and a mentorship in our newsroom

The winds are howling and the snow is flying as Alaska’s winter continues into 2013. The KNOM weather reports help families stay safe and plan their winter travel. However, one unaware traveler recently had to be rescued by helicopter from an ice floe due to extreme north winds (which separated the sea ice nearest Nome from its shoreline). Our message is always a clear one, “listen to KNOM for the latest weather forecast!”

This week, KNOM news director Laureli Kinneen is mentoring a young listener from the community of Koyuk. She is studying broadcasting and, during her college break, will be job-shadowing Laureli, interviewing area news-makers, and writing news stories. It is such a blessing to pass on the mission ideals of KNOM to young students.

We are thankful for all the prayers, kind comments, and contributions. The KNOM family is serving our remote part of the world, and we thank you for all you do for us.