Let’s have a conversation…

In Western Alaska, there’s always a lot to discuss. For more than a decade, we’ve been happy to provide a crucial means for our listeners to begin and sustain conversations on subjects important to them. The way they have these conversations is through our weekly call-in show, Sounding Board.

Sounding Board belongs to our listeners. It is their forum to express thoughts, opinions, and ideas on a particular subject: whether it’s traditional Alaska Native cooking, regional politics, or the challenges of a changing Arctic. We’re grateful that so many in our region take time each week to respectfully share their thoughts on our airwaves.

In a region so sparsely populated – with rural communities separated by hundreds of miles – being able to share conversations means so much. Each week, you are making it possible. Thank you!

Photos: Joshua Cunningham and Margaret DeMaioribus host a Sounding Board show on climate change; news director Laureli Kinneen screens callers for the show.


This article is part of the January 2013 edition of our newsletter, The Nome Static.