Waking up to KNOM

KNOM listenership is perhaps never greater than in the mornings. Walk down the streets of a Western Alaskan community on any given morning, and you’re likely to hear the KNOM Morning Show spilling out of automobile radios and through open windows; you’ll hear KNOM’s morning news and weather being played at the post office, the local bank, the grocery store, and in so many other places.

We’re honored and humbled that many in our region wake up to KNOM, and during the work week, that means the Morning Show: hosted by dedicated volunteers Dayneé Rosales and Lucus Keppel, pictured in our main broadcast studio, Studio A.

Despite the early hours they keep, Lucus and Dayneé have brought a fresh energy and creativity to their time on the Morning Show.

Megan Timm and Katie Gonzales

On “Breakfast Wednesdays,” Dayneé and Lucus welcome a few friends from the CAMP Department, a Nome health organization that specializes in nutrition and healthy living. Megan Timm and Katie Gonzales (pictured above) share tips on making nutritious breakfasts, and with Dayneé and Lucus, they invite our listeners to stop by and sample healthy breakfast foods: from sugar-free apple sauce to turkey bacon to breakfast quiche (pictured below).

Breakfast quiche

As we go to press, Lucus and Dayneé are also in the final days of a Christmastime writing contest for schoolchildren. They’re receiving contest entries of fiction and poetry from students all throughout our region, and during their morning broadcasts, they’re also emphasizing the importance of reading and discussing prominent authors and works of literature.

Thanks to you, we’re striving to inform, inspire, and entertain our listeners, night and day. For the latest on the Morning Show, visit the Morning Show blog.


This article is part of the January 2013 edition of our newsletter, The Nome Static.