Christmas greetings, over the airwaves

KNOM broadcasts to remote listeners throughout a signal area roughly the size of California.

With about 4 hours of sunlight each day at this time of year, communication can mean everything to families far away from each other.

Every year, KNOM broadcasts a seven-hour Christmas greeting program (call-in show) in which families separated by hundreds of miles can come together through the radio.

In remote stretches of western Alaska, some of KNOM’s listeners rarely get to see many of their relatives and friends, even at Christmastime. They so enjoy greeting each other during our call-in show, their happy voices spanning hundreds of miles to make a personal connection that their physical distance so often prevents. Listeners of all ages reach out to each other through KNOM to offer Christmas wishes. You can hear their joy and delight as they send out their heartfelt messages of love.

We wish you and everyone you care about the best this joyous Christmas. KNOM’s supporters make a remarkable difference in thousands of lives every day.